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Sadie Griffiths IPHM



A Spiritual Guide

Just a little bit about me.  Who I am and what I do. I feel Its always good to know a little background information. So enjoy.... 


My spiritual journey began when I was a young child. I have always felt very blessed when looking back on the countless connections I made with spirit and Angels growing up, soon becoming aware that the divine guidance I was receiving from the spirit world, was not only beneficial to my own life, but other people around me too. Don't get me wrong it has been not only an exciting journey, but a scary one at times too.  Being a child making these other worldly connections can be very isolating, but luckily for me I learnt to soon embrace how my life was going to be and what my purpose was.



After many years of  building up my spiritual sense and strength in my own abilities, spirit guided me to help other people that longed for messages or just to hear that the loved one that had passed over were ok.  And that is where it started and over 20 years later here I am still working with the divine to spread comfort and love. 


I soon realised that I was able to channel spiritual energies and earthly vibrations connecting to my own personal guides and intuition. My guides have worked hard with me through out my life, no doubt shaking their heads in dismay at times, but enabling me to help others reconnect with loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual realm, give healing messages and comfort.


Guidance can come in many forms and your personal guides do change, they come and go and you often find yourself welcoming new faces that are willing to help for different purposes and situations that you are dealing with at that point in your life. I have come across many, all as helpful as they could be. 


I have also enjoyed over the years helping others connect to their own intuition and spiritual gifts and providing support to people that want to find their inner power whatever that may be.  I didn't have this help when I was growing up, so I feel its always good whoever it may be to have a spiritual mentor, not to tell you what to do, but to be by your side and share the news of your experiences. 

I have also been blessed since being a young child to be able to have direct connections to my personal Guardian Angel and many of the runner Angels available to us and just waiting to help and assist and of course the hierarchy. Our Angels are there to help us get things done and over the years they have offered many a healing session and positive guidance to me personally which I am forever grateful for. This bringing out the  natural Empath in me and enabling me to offer various forms of healing to others in need. 

So that's a little about me, thanks for taking the time to have a read. 

Love, Light & Blessings to all

Sadie xx 



The Trinity,

George Street,

Burton on Trent,

DE14 1DP


Tel; 07539330444


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