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The Law Of Attraction

So... where do I start.. basically I have been a keen believer in everything happens for a reason and what will be will be for many years. I started working with the Law of Attraction over the past few years and I am a true believer that what we dream of.. wish for and put all of our mindset of having can manifest, but it is only ourselves with our inner belief and faith that can make this happen.

When you think about it how many people do you know that are all doom and gloom and only tend to have only a negative thoughts and see the bad in everything ?... draining isn't it? and lets face it the we all know one at least. These people always generate negative thoughts from situations in life with their.. "if only" and "I will never be rich" or "good things always happen to other people" etc etc.. Well this is because the energy they are giving off to the universe is bouncing back to them two fold! If you are constantly thinking "oh my gosh I need to get rid of all this debt" and "I really want my annoying ex to move on and leave me alone!" you are not asking for positive things, all the universe is picking up on is the "DEBT" or "EX" not that you want to get rid of these things which causes these things to accumulate more as this is what your thoughts are controlled by. So the way you need to speak to the universe is rather than for example "oh my gosh I need to get rid of all this debt". It has to be something more like "I have abundance all around me, I am in a good place and can afford anything I want". This way there is no mention of the negative focus in the question or thought just positive vibes being sent to the universe. So all that will be sent to you is wonderful amounts of abundance. The key is to always think and speak like you already have the abundance whether it be the big house, a fantastic sports car, going on the luxury holidays, an incredible business that is very successful. Visualise yourself sitting in the car of your dreams or the dream house, running a successful business... honest just try little things like tests to see how the universe is listening to you and I promise you will be amazed.

The other thing to be aware of I have found is that if you want to meet the perfect person or you are in a relationship that has small faults, you should never ask the universe "for that specific person to be made perfect and you want this and that to change" you should ask the universe for the perfect relationship for you and what kind of qualities and value you want this person to carry, whether it be looks personality etc and how you want the relationship to be. This won't ruin your relationship it will enrich it if its the correct one for you to be in. This is because asking the universe to help change the person in your life is merely focusing on that one person not the relationship itself. However if you are asking about the perfect relationship the universe will focus on creating the most amazing loving relationship for you with the correct person.

For another example its like focusing on wanting that one particular car or specific house that you pass regularly and dream of owning.. asking the universe for this specific car or certain house is just limiting yourself to that one thing when the universe may actually want to give you a bigger better version of the nice car or beautiful house, don't limit your dreams, after all anything is possible it's just about keeping positive thoughts and only thinking of the good things you want to get from life. You can achieve anything if you try with your inner power... go on create the life you want!!

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