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Signs from the Spirit World and Angelic Realms.

Guidance from the spirit realm can come to us in many forms and it isn't just the spirit workers and empaths that feel and see these. Everyone receives guidance from the spirit world on a daily basis, whilst getting on with daily life. The spirit connected to us, loved ones or our spirit guides are wanting to offer help and give us comfort and support when we require it. This can be sent from the heavenly realm in many different forms. They give us signs that we either recognise or take notice of.

They send us birds, butterflies and dragon flies. These all carry the spirit of our loved ones. So spirit like to use beautiful flying creatures to represent that they are there watching over you when you see them and as a sign of freedom.

Spirit send in bigger animals like dogs and cats when they need attention. They also use children as they are a very honest and reliable source for spirit because rather like an animal they say what they see with pure honesty. Have you ever noticed that if your feeling low your cat or dog will all of a sudden want your attention and start to play or offer you a toy to share?? or another example is when you are having a heated discussion or argument and the kids suddenly appear wanting attention?? this is what spirit do to help bring the peace in these kind of situations.

Smells are often sent to us because its a very simple way for spirit to connect with us without too much effort on their part. It's usually a familiar scent that we can relate to someone special that we have lost or it can also be related to a ghost that resides in the place that you encounter the smell.

Music signs are often missed as not everyone relates music to spirit. When the give us signs through music it can be shown to us in different ways. Sometimes a familiar song will be played that would be a reminder of a loved one or an occasion that was special connected to them. The other way they use music is the words of a song exactly when you need to hear them. So you find that songs can actually answer problems just by hearing the right song words at the right time.

Spirit love to move objects in and around your home, usually things you need or are using. Again its always just when you need to see it. This can help take your mind off whatever it is you're thinking or worrying about at that moment.

For the more connected people or empaths as we call them, goose bumps or tingles can be felt in various parts of the body or all over. Spirit like to tickle and stroke our hair too and this can feel like you have something crawling on you sometimes, so a lot of people tend to put this down to something having landed on them or moving around in their hair. This one makes people react in many different ways!

Seeing a spirit in different forms. Orbs, shadow figures and lights. It is however spirit want to show themselves or can show themselves to you. They don't mean to scare you, they just want you to be aware of their presence. Remember ghosts and spirit are different. Ghosts are stuck in this dimension and haven't moved on for various reasons and spirit are our loved ones that have crossed the veil to the light and are able to return to connect with us in this realm by lowering their vibration.

And of course a very important sign that people often dismiss as anything but their own thoughts and feelings is spirit using our mind to connect directly. In this sense they are able to give us thoughts and feelings to enable us to deal with situations that we feel stuck with. They can give us their name as a thought to you which again is a direct sign that they are there with you right at that point. So always be aware of your thought pattern and if a bright idea comes into your mind that completely changes a situation that gives you a light bulb moment then thank spirit for helping!

These are all the more familiar signs with what people understand to be from our loved ones passed, however what people don't realise is that they send us bigger signs like animals that connect with us, people we bump into who tell us interesting stories that weirdly we can relate to and that we often finds helps us a lot in our own predicaments and put things in our path that we were not expecting, this is to slow us down in our tracks.

We are surrounded with signs on a daily basis, all trying to help give us better direction or thoughts and feelings we need at that time. It's about opening ours eyes to the possibilities and having a positive mindset and of course faith that we are being looked after by a greater source.

A very abundant sign from our loved ones is pennies from heaven. I bet many of you often see a penny on the ground, some pick it up and some just pass by. These are pennies we are meant to see. They are placed before us by our loved ones to show us that money is coming our way and to prepare for it. It is a nice reminder from the spirit that watch over us that everything is going to be ok. This helps take the worry away from us and eases our minds a little. So if you see a penny pick it ups and indeed all day long you will have good luck!

Angels are a different matter. They are always on hand and just waiting to take on a task for us, that will give us what we want when we want it. It's just about being open to asking for help when we need it. I speak to my Angels daily and ask them to help me with certain tasks I know I have coming up that day.

The mistake that people make though when asking the angels or the universe for guidance is that they ask too often and the same question. Angels want to know that we trust they will carry out our requests, but they doubt our faith that they will do this when we keep asking. So you must always only ask once during a day for your angels to act for you on a specific subject. Then you have to leave them to it, and wait patiently for the results to manifest knowing that you have left the issue in good hands....

The results always manifest, in one way or another...

There are many angels that help us daily. There are of course our guardian angels who were assigned to us at birth and our closest connection to the Angelic Realm. Then we have the runner angels who are always on standby to make things happen exactly when we ask for it. For example, I use my runner angels everyday to get me a good parking space when arriving at the office or when going shopping. They have a great eye for finding us a bargain item to wear when we are going somewhere special and need something quick and not expensive to wear. You can use your runner angels for that instant result, just by asking before hand.

The key is always say thank you when they have completed a task for us. There are many other ways we can show our gratitude to the angels for their continued help. They love music and dancing, so why not play them a lovely song or invite them to have a dance around the lounge. They also love colourful fresh flowers, so get the prettiest, brightest ones you can find and display them in your home and tell the angels they are a gift.

Our guardian angels and runners and the many many more angels that help us all send our wishes to the higherarchy which are the well known Arch Angels. Very powerful Angels that are able to respond to most requests we make. These then send our manifestation requests to the Ministry of Angels. These are the most powerful of all Angels and are of the highest realm. All angels answer to the Ministry.

The Ministry of Angels do not connect with us on the earthly plane as our guardian and working angels do. They watch over the earth and the angelic realm's and wait for the prayers and wishes to be delivered by our angels and then they get to work.

Angels give us white feathers. You are meant to see these when they show up and they can be in the most peculiar places. They are a gift to say that they are with you and are sending love and healing. Keep them as a thank you to your angel.


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