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Angels & Guardian Angels


In the bible Angels are known as 'Mediums of God's power' and they exist to execute Gods will.

Angels make themselves known to individuals as well as to the whole nation to let them become aware of upcoming events, whether they be personal to someones life or nationwide. These can be either good or bad.

Angels foretold to Abraham the destruction of Sodom. Guardian Angels were mentioned, but not as later the case would be as Guardian spirits of individuals and nations. God sent an Angel to protect the Hebrew people after their exodus from Egypt, to lead them to the promised land, and to destroy the hostile tribes in their way.

Biblical books present Angels as heavenly beings created by God, who are not endowed with free will. The archangels named in post-exile Judaism are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel and Jerahmeel.

The word Angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos meaning 'messenger'. They are messengers of God. Their purpose is to serve us and encourage us to ground expand our consciousness.

Angels have never been part of the human consciousness and therefore have never been incarnated inn human form. Angels never become human although they assume human form temporarily, just as humans never evolve into angels.

You may have heard of 'guides' who have been incarnate and is different from an angel. ( A guide may be a deceased loved one, such as a grandparent) you may have many guides on your spiritual journey however angels work on a higher vibratory energy frequency than spirit guides.


We all are assigned our own personal guardian angel at birth. Every person living as their own angel, no matter what their circumstances. For instance even murderers and evil people will still have their guardian angel. However, because this type of person may work in the negative they may never choose to make contact with their angel.

Your angel loves you unconditionally and knows you better than yourself. This angel will be present with you from the moment your soul decided to inhabit earth, and will stay with you throughout this lifetime. It is said that in your next incarnation, your next angel will be a different one to accompany you. It is always our free choice whether we listen to our angel or not, but they are always by our side regardless.


The best way to learn to connect with your angel directly is through meditation. There are many different techniques and you will need to find one that suits you. Some people fine yoga very helpful to aid connection, or you can just sit in a quiet space and ask your angel to be with you. Angels can not come to our aid without us asking.

This is one of the rules the angels have. You can also ask others angels to help, for instance if you wanted to help heal someone, you can ask for their guardian angel to be present and help you heal the person.

As long as you are asking for the good of the person then their angel will be happy to assist.

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