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Just an introduction to the Archangels with a brief insight to their qualities and capabilities and how they can help us.


(colour blue/gold)

This angel offers us protection emotionally and physically. People have experience miracles after calling upon Archangel Michael and his angels.

1, If you are being physically attacked

2, If your car has broken down you are alone and afraid

3, For any car journey

4, If you are under emotional strain

5, If you suffer from addictions

6, If you suffer from sleepless nights and nightmares

7, If you are ill suffering from terminal illness or disease.

8, If your job is too demanding and you need support and courage with change

9, If you are under psychic attack

10, If you are suffering sexual abuse

11, If you are controlled by others and always doing what others want you to do

12, If your relationship is under emotional strain


(Colour green/deep pink)

This angel helps heal the body, mind and spirit.

1, If you need help to heal past wounds, either physical or mental

2, If you are in a relationship that requires repairing

3, If you are a doctor or a surgeon

4, If your undergoing treatment or surgery

5, If you are sick or a loved one is poorly

6, If you are a therapist and require extra help or guidance

7, If you are searching for the therapist

8, If you are in pain, either physical, mental or emotional

9, If you have lost a partner and no longer feel whole

10, If your relationship has broken down

11, If your soul does not feel whole


(Colour pink/orange)

This Archangel lifts you from depths of deep sorrow and embodies your life with pure love.

1, If you find it difficult to appreciate and love yourself

2, If you are unable to love others

3, If you have a broken heart or feel lonely

4, If you have a tendency to feel cynical or over judgemental

5, If you lack forgiveness or harbour guilt, envy, bitterness or other negative emotions