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11:11 Why do I keep seeing this number sequence??

Hey guys!

So I have many people that say to me regularly that they always seem to check the time and its 11:11 or they see it on a sign or something they are reading... and what a coincidence it is..... or is it?

In numerology 11 is a Master number and the most intuitive of all numbers. It is associated with power, psychics, inspiration, positivity and faith!

We don't just happen to notice the number 11, we are shown it. This is shown to us when we need reassurance in what we are planning and that our goals we are setting out for ourselves are taking us in exactly the correct direction.

This sign tells us to stick with our positive thoughts and continue to move forward as you are on the right path at this time.

Master number 11 does bring a higher vibration to your intuition and increased sensitivity. The power this number brings is of both enormous power mentally and physically.

The other master numbers are 22,33 ( 11 being the root of all other master numbers.)

So remember seeing 11:11 bring enlightenment and inspiration!.. So have faith that you are doing exactly what you should at this time.

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