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Your personal energy field.. The Aura

Ever heard the expression 'He has a certain aura about him' or 'She has a certain glow about her' or 'you are in my space'..?

Auras are associated with people and well all living things that need oxygen to survive. Every living thing has a large magnetic energy field surrounding them that is built up of colourful layers and that can be sensed, felt and even physically seen. People can easily enter your energy field if you want them to or not. Walking closely past someone, energy from your auras can be exchanged very easily, they can steal your good or bad energy and vice versa.

You don't need to be a psychic or spiritual worker to be able to see, read and feel someones aura, or even the colours they present at that time. Depending on how the person is feeling corresponds to the colour of their energy you are able to see at that present time. A lot of the time we don't realise we are doing it, but we naturally read auras simply by using our usual senses of how someone feels to be around, how it feels when someone approaches you and you get a sudden feeling of fear, dread or happiness.

We usually are surrounded by aura energy that reaches out 3ft approx, however someone that has been through horrendous trauma in life, like a victim to a personal crime like physical abuse or rape, their aura reaches a spam of 50 ft. Due to their trauma they create a lot larger energy barrier around them like a protective shield. This is due to any intrusion or interruption of your energy field or 'space' which can cause disruption to your personal flow of energy with quite a big impact.

Our auras are full of colourful layers, just like everyday life is full of colourful experiences surrounding us, which a lot of the time we take for granted. It is very important to have colour in our lives and the colours that surround us in our energy field are representative of your higher self, dreams etc.

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