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Letting the Cat out...

Well here we are in 2019 and as the new year begins people have the misconception that all the negative vibrations and stresses of the year past get left behind and we get to escape them .. a little like trying to sneak out of the door without letting the cat out behind you really.. and that huge sigh of relief knowing that they are safely locked away and you are free to move forward without worrying is present. (Good feeling at that moment though isn't it..)

But realistically we can't leave them there for long because they will start trying to get your attention soon enough and we have to deal with them and this is what people struggle with, its the dealing with it and not just being able to block out the noise and negative vibrations that echo around your mind.

As the saying goes... there are five things that can't be taken back in life ...

A word once it is spoken..

A stone once it is thrown..

An occasion once it is missed..

An action when it is done..

and time once it has passed..

So unfortunately we have to deal with the aftermath to be able to move forward in a positive way with our lives. People do this in many different ways.. they choose to argue, fight, walk away, hold grudges against people and just really struggle to let it go or they find themselves keep going over what you could have said at the time..(yes that's very frustrating I know..), it wouldn't be realistic if we didn't do this it's a part of our emotional set up.

Personally over time I have learnt many lessons and will continue to learn many more I'm sure. Learning to slow down and breathe through it helps a lot as all it does is destroy your inner energy holding onto such bitter vibrations and remember its you thats the one feeling this not them.

The key is to retrain your thought patterns to enable you to deal with past issues and how it will effect future situations and how you can release the thoughts from your life by making them easier.

Start by writing stuff down.

Think about the person or situation and why you think it happened?, What feeling did you get from it? where do you go from this point right now with it?. If it was a person, then how do you think this has made them feel towards you and about the situation? and last but not least, where and how do you see yourself moving on from it and what did you learn?

Seeing things from a different perspective does make a massive difference...

I myself refer to these as life lessons. Because you always learn from any situation that crosses your path whether good or bad we are meant to experience and embrace it, a lot of the time gaining great inner strength from it. I always go by the saying forgive, but never forget, ( those thoughts are popped in a little book out the way... well a few little books actually...)

that is the only way to move forward and cut the cords attached to past.

So go back and deal with the cat.. you will feel a lot happier once this is dealt with and then allow yourself when your ready a little alone time to reflect and look where you have come to! Give yourself a pat on the back, brush the dust off your shoulders thats weighing you down, stand tall and start that new shiny, clear path ahead picking up any opportunities along the way!

Have a wonderful year everyone filled with HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE AND SUCCESS.

(I know I used the cat as a negative, but I do love cats!!! ..... just so you know )

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