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Palo Santo

Palo Santo has been used for centuries all over the world to promote good fortune and healing into the lives of many. It is one of the worlds most fragrant woods giving off a beautiful mix of lemon, pine and mint scents.

There are many benefits to burning or smudging with Palo Santo. Souls seeking a stronger spiritual connection use it as a form of protection. Many use it for simply surrounding themselves with a positive and joyous energy and to raise their awareness of a brighter and clearer mindset. People are known to gain good fortune and open their heart to greater love and happiness too.

When Palo Santo is burned it helps promote a calm energy, dispersing any stagnant and unwanted energies that may be effecting you which enables tranquility and clarity to be restored. Not only does it bring a peaceful feeling to your life, but it has lots more physical and health benefits too.

Health and physical benefits include helping aid ailments such as headaches, depression, anxiety, flu's, colds, emotional trauma and chest issues such as bronchitis. It is used by therapists all over the world to aid in these illnesses.

If you are of a more spiritual mindset or you are wanting to open yourself up more to your divine gift and purpose, burning or smudging Palo Santo will offer benefits of grounding strength, clearer visions and removal of any dark or negative energy that may attach itself to you enabling you to deepen your connection to the earth. Allow Palo Santo to connect you to the divine source. Open up your creativity and let the energy flow.

When smudging with Palo Santo make sure you set out clear intentions as you are doing it to clear away any unwanted energies from your space and to bring the abundance of love, joy and great fortune into your space and future life path, lifting the spiritual energy. To cover the space you are smudging fully you should move slowly from corner to corner of each room expressing the intentions as you work through the ritual.

Why not have a go at burning this beautifully scented wood. Enhance your life, lift your mood and feel your energy shift into a new positive pattern.

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