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What is Psychometry

People often ask me what Psychometry is?, Its something that over the years I have worked with to make some amazing strong connections and deliver some truly amazing information to people from what I picked up just by holding someones personal belongings in my hand.

I often find that another fascinating object for the art of psychometry is old furniture. The history I have picked up on over the years from old dressing tables, chairs and cabinets will never cease to amaze me.

So lets start at the beginning so you have a clearer and basic understanding of what Psychometry actually is...

Psychometry is a certain psychic skill that enables us to use an object or belonging of a person to read certain aspects of them. The energies on the item can show aspects of their personality, character and pick up on events that may have happened to them throughout their lives. The most common objects used are items of jewellery like a watch, necklace or ring. Any object worn is a much better choice than something just owned as the energy will be stronger. Also rings or other jewellery that contain stones in them are fantastic amplified energy. Photographs are fab to use too, but there really are no realistic limits on what you can use and anyone can have a go you, may be very surprised on what you pick up on! The more you practice the stronger it will develop!

One of my most amazing experiences using psychometry when reading for someone was when a lady brought a well loved old teddy bear in to me and wondered if I could tell her any information or make any connection with the energy connected to the bear. The minute the lady handed the small worn bear to me I had a beautiful young girl stood next to me with a beautiful big smile on her face. I immediately knew that this young lady was the loving owner of this bear. I told the lady about the young girl and I passed on all the beautiful information about her, from the characteristics of the girl to looks and the loving connections she was making toward the lady and the teddy bear, her age and her name. It was a very emotional yet special moment for the lovely lady and I feel very blessed that I was able to help her.

After spending approximately an hour talking to the lady during the reading and it coming to an end she told me that her sister had passed away at the age of 9 of a terrible illness so many years ago and that she had always kept the bear in a special place as she felt a lot closer to her sister because of the bear, which she said she had always felt silly about for years, but from that point she felt reassured that all of her feelings and thoughts of keeping those connections alive via a teddy bear were confirmed and brought her much peace and happiness.

This was some years ago now and it was at that point that I felt so much more aware of energies and spiritual connections via this form of psychic skill. Just the strength and determination that the young girl brought through to her sister via a teddy bear left me speechless. It was a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

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