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Karma... What is Karma?

How many times have you heard someone comment " Karma will get them" or "I will leave it for karma to sort" or even "Karma's a bitch" ... Well indeed yes this thought does often pop up when we are confronted with a difficult person or situation to deal with and the results or outcome feel unfair to you.

Remembering the very accurate and simple definition of Karma is that we put good out and in return for this we get good back... we must understand that Karma is often perceived as a negative feeling or thought by many and often aimed like I said before at people that we feel cause these situations in our lives or indeed their own. People don't create their own Karma, they simply have to control and live through their own Karmic choices and actions.

However Karma can actually be a positive result, made from a positive choice we made, that not only may have happened in this life, but often in one of our past lives and we keep reliving the situation throughout every lifetime until we make a different choice to change our actions in that similar situation. This is when lessons are learnt.

Karma is linked very strongly throughout not just our present but even up to several of our past lives. It is believed by many to exist as a personal teaching tool for each and every soul. More importantly Karma is not positive nor negative and does not act as our destiny or fate in our lives.

It has been compared by many to be like looking in a mirror of your life. A reflection of our current and past life choices we have made in many lifetimes, which create lessons that we must learn moving forward. Its all about creating a positive life or situation as a reflection from something we may have chosen to do in previous actions!

Karma has been described as an immediate feedback mechanism. To enable us to continue to course correct ourselves. This enables us to right any wrong doings we made have made in past existence so we do not repeat them in this existence.

Karma plays a big part in the Akashic records. This is where all of the information about every life we ever lived and every moment we have ever encountered is recorded. Every single soul has their own personal records. Akashic records can be called various different names in different religions and cultures. Looking from the Karmic energy interest, the records often get referred to as 'Karmic Library'.

Being able to search the records is a way that we can develop ourselves and work out our own personal karmic energy. We can do this using many different psychic 'Clair' skillsets and meditation practices.

So moving forward in general we need to be more aware of being able to take full responsibility for our own choices, within all of our lifetimes and having a full understanding as to why we made certain choices in our lives. What the consequences of these choices have meant for our lives moving forward and so far. And lastly what lessons we can learn from our Karmic energy moving forward to clear any negative Karma we have encountered.

If you follow the simple guidelines you can create amazing awareness of your full consciousness and energy.

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